Collaborating Style

Collaborating Style: Problems are solved in ways in which an optimum result is provided for all
involved. Both sides get what they want and negative feelings are minimized.

Collaborators highly value both their goals and their relationships. They view conflict as a problem to be solved and seek a solution that achieves both their goals and the goals
of the other person. Collaborators see conflicts as a means of improving relationships by reducing tensions between two persons. They try to begin a discussion that identifies the conflict as a problem, and strive to resolve tensions and maintain the relationship by seeking solutions that satisfy both themselves and the other person.

This is where you partner or pair up with the other party to achieve both of your goals.  This is how you break free of the “win-lose” paradigm and seek the “win-win.”  This can be effective for complex scenarios where you need to find a novel solution.  This can also mean re-framing the challenge to create a bigger space and room for everybody’s ideas.  The downside is that it requires a high-degree of trust and reaching a consensus can require a lot of time and effort to get everybody on board and to synthesize all the ideas.

Pros: Creates mutual trust; maintains positive relationships; builds commitments.
Cons: Time consuming; energy consuming.